Monitoring razširjenosti človeške ribice

Hutovo Blato photo Gregor Aljancic a

Monitoring of Proteus anguinus by environmental DNA sampling Project cofinanced by Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, BirdLife International and DOPPS, 2013–2014

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Tular Cave Lab & partners developed a research tool to overcome the critical problem when determining Proteus occurrence – inaccessibility of its subterranean habitat.
This highly efficient, non-invasive and innovative forensic method helps to detect traces of Proteus DNA by filtering water samples from springs and caves. Coupled with GIS analysis, the method was implemented to test for the presence of Proteus in new potential localities, regardless of whether or not the animal has been observed there, as well as to verify selected old data on its distribution.
The results of this study offered a complete picture of Proteus distribution within the study area and its most vulnerable parts.

Final project completion report (PDF, 3.89MB)

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